The Air at the Top of the Bottle

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Occasionally Asked Questions

Q: What’s ullage?

A: It has several meanings: the air at the top of a bottle, the sediment at the bottom, deficiency, lack, the fumes in an engine. Used as a verb, it means “to replenish a drink.”

Q: How am I supposed to know that?

A: It’s in the dictionary.

Q: What, I’m supposed to use a dictionary?

A: Nothing wrong with dictionaries.

Q: What’s this all about, then?

A: We take ullage as the emblem of all things unorthodox, forgotten, unpopular, uncommercial, and marginal.

Q: What’s wrong with the mainstream?

A:  Nothing; the mainstream is still there; this is just something different.

Q:  What do you do, exactly?

A: We put on events, usually around a particular theme.  They include talks, screenings, music, and whatever else we can think of.  The website here contains records of our doings, as well as various curiosities we thought you might enjoy.

Q: Who’s in this thing?

A: These days, mostly Doug Skinner, Anthony Matt, and Lisa Hirschfield. Others drift in and out, as the spirit moves.

Q: This looks like it might be fun. I feel sort of giddy and flushed.

A: Perhaps you’d better sit down. May we ullage you?