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Memorable Magazines (9): True Weird

August 14th, 2017 · No Comments

True Weird was an exuberantly trashy magazine that offered articles on historical oddities and mysteries. It lasted three issues: November 1955, February 1956, and May 1956. Among the topics were the Count of Saint-Germain, zombies, werewolves, Nostradamus, Rasputin, haunted houses, the Bell Witch, and Patience Worth. Most of the material had been rehashed many times in similar books and magazines, and the True Weird treatment firmly favored sensationalism over accuracy.

It was published by that impeccably colorful publisher, Joseph Weider, who started out as a bodybuilder, and specialized in magazines for men. Among his efforts were Muscle and Fitness, Mr. America, Men’s Fitness, Fury, Senior Golf, Jem, and Monsieur. He was occasionally in legal trouble for publishing smut, and for making exaggerated claims for his dietary supplements. The editors of True Weird are listed as Ward Semple and Charles A. Smith. I can’t find much about either of them online, except that they worked on Weider’s other magazines. Maybe that kept them busy.

After three issues, True Weird changed into True Strange. No explanation was given. Is strange better than weird?

Both True Weird and True Strange are remembered for their wildly pulpy covers. Here they are, as well as the back cover of the first issue. The first two covers are by Clarence Doore, the third by John Martin. All can be enlarged by clicking.

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