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Review: Unacceptable Flying Objects

June 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

¬†Thanks to everyone who made the trip out this past Mother’s Day to attend our 10th Ullage Group event Unacceptable Flying Objects. A dedicated audience decided to reject the beautiful spring weather in favor of deepening their understanding of UFO’s under dim projector light.

Anthony Matt performed the introduction and opened a customary alcoholic beverage, which was UFO pale ale beer, and then offered a bottle each to our hosts Jeff and Lynette.

Anthony Matt discussed how UFO’s were perceived by various ancient cultures and how these views resurfaced in the work of Carl Jung in his concept of the collective unconscious. He also showed some recent UFO footage shot over Brooklyn¬†by Geoff Bradey.

Doug Skinner spoke about a secret series of drawings made by “silent contactees.” The drawings were circulated amongst late 1960’s UFO researchers. Doug spoke about the strange origins of the drawings and then offered a symbolic interpretation of the drawings, which revealed a remarkable connection to Sumerian culture.

Lisa Hirschfield took us through a maze of UFO comic book and pulp magazine imagery from the 1940’s-1980’s. Lisa demonstrated how UFO imagery spread to every corner of our culture from contactees to Santa Claus.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. We will have another event coming soon.

(Posted by Anthony Matt.)

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