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An Ullage Dozen (4): A Choir of Ethereal Voices

February 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Something fell from my body cavity; I hope it wasn’t hurt by gravity.

amateur / maturer

Are you going to finish that hemlock?

This evening, I heard a pundit on the radio say “re-citizen” instead of “recidivism.”

To err is human, to forgive human.

Stonehenge was built to support a circus tent.

Is it true what they say about orthodoxy?

I like living with boxes: they’re like treasure chests, filled with ephemera, artifacts, stereo cards, vintage magazines.  It’s too bad they’re all right angles, though; I’d prefer something more biomorphic, like shells, skulls, or coconuts.

The Virgin Mary is kind of scary.

Just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t mean that it’s obscure; there are other explanations.

A butterfly is unfettered, but your fly is unzippered.

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