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Medi-Vaudeville: The Report

April 27th, 2009 · No Comments

About forty fine citizens assembled at Jalopy for our fourth event, eager to see how the Ullage Group would screw up this time.

I performed the ceremonial ullage-uncorking, and poured out a shot of chianti for our host, Geoff Wiley; and invoked the Italian proverb “Chi beve it vino prima la minestra, saluta il medico dalla finestra” (“He who drinks wine before the soup greets his doctor from the window”).  I then introduced our resident medico, Dr. Mamie Caton, who demonstrated the properties of chianti by sipping some.

Mamie and I discussed evidence-based medicine, alternative medicine, and scientific methodology; the audience chimed in with questions.  I’ll post an outline separately.  Read it if you like; there will be no test.

Lisa sang a tasty batch of songs with medical themes, including broadside doctor-mockery (“Infallible Doctor” and “Dr. Jeremy Snob”), a vaudevillian patent medicine jingle (“Good Luck to Beecham’s Pills”), and a lilting waltz touting the camphorated poultice Thermogene.

Anthony concluded with notes, both historical and personal, on the unorthodox light therapy machines of Royal Rife and Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali.  He also demonstrated a vintage Violet Ray Generator, a miniature Tesla coil that delivered heat and electrical shocks to crucial parts of the body.  It’s unwise to operate the Renulife when wearing metal; some of the audience were afraid that Anthony might forget to remove his Ullage Group lapel pin, and fall to the floor, engulfed in flames.  But he remembered.

We have more medical curiosities in our files; perhaps we’ll mount a sequel.  Thanks again to Jalopy, and to our attendees; and stay healthy!

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